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Crafting a Future of Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity at Yupi

Proven Force Indonesia's engagement with Yupi spearheaded the development of the firm's operational framework, addressing key managerial and efficiency challenges. Through focused management strategies, enhanced coordination, and targeted training, PFI facilitated substantial financial savings, a 25% increase in packing labor productivity, and a profound cultural shift within the company. This successful transformation cemented a long-term partnership to the present.



Yupi, a leading gummy candy manufacturer in Indonesia since 1996, has carved a niche for itself in the confectionery industry with its commitment to quality and innovation. Renowned for producing top-tier gummy candies that adhere to international standards, Yupi has established a formidable presence not only within Indonesia but across Southeast Asia. This dedication to excellence has positioned Yupi as a market leader, continually setting benchmarks in product quality and consumer satisfaction.

Despite its success, Yupi faced several operational challenges that hindered its potential for further growth and efficiency. A critical issue was the supervisory gap resulting from the transition of skilled operators to supervisory roles without adequate training or guidance. This gap in management effectiveness was further compounded by operational inefficiencies, including suboptimal raw material utilization and weaknesses in management control systems. Additionally, a comprehensive review of Yupi's operations highlighted significant areas where operational enhancements and cost savings could be achieved.

In response to these challenges, Yupi engaged Proven Force Indonesia (PFI) to devise and implement a multifaceted strategy aimed at addressing these key issues. The collaboration was set to focus on refocusing management efforts towards result-oriented practices and proactive problem-solving, improving coordination through better communication systems, and empowering supervisors and managers with targeted training programs. These initiatives were designed not only to address immediate operational challenges but also to lay the groundwork for sustained growth and efficiency.

This partnership between Yupi and PFI represented a commitment to continuous improvement and operational excellence, aiming to leverage Yupi's existing strengths while addressing areas of improvement. The goal was to enhance Yupi's operational capabilities, ensuring that its supervisory and managerial teams were equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead the company towards greater success in the competitive confectionery industry.


The execution of the strategic partnership between Yupi and Proven Force Indonesia (PFI) was structured around a series of targeted interventions designed to tackle the identified operational challenges head-on, while also capitalizing on opportunities for improvement. This multi-pronged approach ensured that the initiatives were comprehensive, addressing both the immediate needs and the long-term goals of Yupi.

Management Refocusing: The first step involved a series of workshops and seminars led by PFI's seasoned consultants, aimed at shifting the managerial focus towards achieving tangible results and fostering a culture of proactive problem-solving, particularly amongs first-line managers. These sessions were instrumental in redefining management perspectives, emphasizing the importance of setting clear objectives, and implementing effective strategies to achieve them.

Enhanced Coordination: Recognizing the critical role of communication in operational success, PFI implemented improved communication systems, streamlined meeting protocols, and reporting processes at Yupi. This effort was directed towards enhancing coordination between different levels of management and departments, facilitating better information flow, and ensuring that all team members were aligned with the company’s objectives.

Training & Development: At the core of PFI's strategy was a comprehensive training and development program for supervisors and managers. This program, comprising workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions, and interactive training modules, was designed to strengthen leadership and management skills. The curriculum covered a wide range of topics, including but not limited to effective supervision, operational efficiency, and strategic decision-making, tailored to meet the specific challenges and dynamics of the confectionery industry.

These targeted initiatives were rolled out in a phased manner, allowing for the gradual integration of new practices and concepts into Yupi's operational framework. Throughout the execution phase, PFI maintained a close collaboration with Yupi's leadership team, ensuring that the programs were aligned with the company's strategic direction and responsive to the feedback from the participants.

To facilitate the effective implementation of these strategies, PFI employed a variety of engaging and interactive learning methods, including case studies, practical assignments, and scenario-based discussions. This hands-on approach ensured that participants were able to grasp the theoretical aspects of the training as well as equipped to apply these insights in real-world contexts, thereby enhancing their operational effectiveness and leadership capabilities.


12 Months


The strategic partnership between Yupi and Proven Force Indonesia (PFI) culminated in several significant outcomes that have had a profound impact on Yupi's operational capabilities and management effectiveness. The comprehensive approach, focusing on management refocusing, enhanced coordination, and targeted training and development, yielded measurable benefits that have contributed to Yupi's continued leadership in the confectionery industry.

Financial Impact: The initiatives exceeded the monetary saving expectations set at the beginning of the project (100-250% ROI). This achievement underscores the effectiveness of the targeted interventions in identifying and capitalizing on opportunities for cost savings and operational enhancements.

Operational Efficiency: One of the most notable outcomes was the improvement in packing labor productivity, which increased by 25%. Additionally, there was a significant reduction in material losses, with a 65% decrease in packaging materials and a complete elimination of product losses. These results highlight the success of the training and development program in enhancing operational processes and management control systems.

Behavioral Change: The training and development initiatives fostered a positive shift in the attitudes and behaviors of the supervisory and managerial staff. This behavioral change is reflective of the program's effectiveness in instilling a culture of proactive problem-solving and result-oriented management among the first-line managers and their teams.

Long-Term Partnership: The success of the project has cemented a lasting relationship between Yupi and PFI, establishing a foundation for ongoing collaboration. This long-term partnership is indicative of Yupi's commitment to continuous improvement and operational excellence, with PFI continuing to play a crucial role in supporting Yupi's strategic objectives.

Enhanced Leadership and Management Skills: The comprehensive training provided to supervisors and managers has significantly strengthened their leadership and management capabilities. Participants of the program have developed practical skills necessary to navigate complex operational challenges, drive innovation, and lead their teams more effectively.

The collaboration has delivered tangible results that extend beyond immediate operational improvements to foster a sustainable model of excellence and innovation. The success of this project exemplifies the value of targeted training and development initiatives and sets a benchmark for future endeavors aimed at achieving operational excellence and strategic leadership in the industry.

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