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Our History

PFI's history began in 2003 with its founding as the consultancy arm of President University Foundation by the conglomerate company Jababeka Group, also known as one of the largest industrial area developers in Indonesia. The essence of PFI's foundation lies in the passion of Jimmy Gani – Founder & Chairman of PFI – to help companies all over Indonesia strengthen productivity. The name “Productivity Improvement Force” was hence born. Over time, the name changed to "Proven Force Indonesia" to reflect the essence of proven success and the strength behind sustainable growth, and was abbreviated as "PFI", which can also be interpreted as, "Partner for Improvement".


A Promising Beginning

PFI started its operations in Productivity Consulting. Established as the consulting arm of President University Foundation, with the valuable support of Jababeka Group, this marked the initial step in our journey towards becoming a leading consulting partner.



Setting Our Roots

PFI took a significant step forward by establishing its own office in Cikarang, West Java. This move underscored our dedication to growth and excellence, providing a dedicated space to serve our clients more effectively


A New Identity

Proven Force Indonesia was officially formed as the new entity of the organization. This marked a pivotal chapter in our journey, solidifying our position as an independent and reliable consulting partner


A Leap Towards Independence

Our operations transitioned from being under President University Foundation to becoming a full-fledged entity, PT. Proven Force Indonesia. This transition underscored our commitment to autonomy and client-centric service.


Expanding Horizons

In line with our commitment to cater to diverse client needs, PFI expanded its services to include Manpower Outsourcing. We also extended our reach by establishing a branch in Bandung, further solidifying our presence.



Broadening Our Reach

Continuing our expansion efforts, PFI set up another branch office in Lampung, further demonstrating our commitment to providing effective solutions to clients across various regions.


Long-Term Outlook

With a vision of wider reach and long-term partnerships, PFI Manpower was established as a subsidiary of PFI. This move strengthened our capabilities in the manpower sector.

PFI Manpower logo in black and white
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Strengthening Local Presence

PFI's branch office in Gunung Putri, West Java, was established to better serve our clients' needs. Additionally, our services portfolio expanded to include Energy Efficiency, reflecting our commitment to sustainable practices.


Enhanced Accessibility

Branch offices in Sentul and Sukabumi, West Java, were established, further enhancing our responsiveness and support for clients. This move demonstrated our dedication to being accessible and responsive partners.



A New Headquarters

As part of our growth strategy, PFI relocated its head office to SOHO Building, Jakarta. This move enabled us to serve our clients more effectively and provide them with a conducive environment for collaboration.


A Promising Future

PT. Jimmy Gani Korpora was established as the prospective holding company of PFI, envisioning greater opportunities for growth and expansion in the years to come.

JG Corp logo in black and white
Orbitin logo in black and white


Embracing Innovation

PT. Orbitin Kebanggaan Indonesia was established as a joint venture between PT. Jimmy Gani Korpora and PT. Info Media Digital (PT. Tempo Inti Media Tbk. Group). This collaboration reinforced our commitment to innovation and staying at the forefront of industry development.


A Move to Excellence

In yet another milestone, PFI moved its head office to Alamanda Tower, Jakarta. This move signifies our dedication to continuous improvement, excellence, and client satisfaction.


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