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Proven Force Indonesia is an Indonesian-based consulting firm, established in 2003, that has been steadfast in delivering comprehensive solutions across consulting, manpower, training & development, and energy efficiency.

Our Expertise

With a focus on productivity improvement, human resources, workforce management and development, PFI is equipped to drive significant enhancements in operational efficiency and employee empowerment, ensuring our clients are well-positioned for both present and future challenges.

Our Commitment to Results

Our dedication to impactful outcomes is resolute. We measure our success by the tangible results we deliver, ensuring each engagement with PFI translates into improvements,  accelerated growth, and a competitive edge for our clients.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the essence of effective consulting lies in deeply understanding our clients' unique contexts. This belief underpins our approach to solutions that are not just innovative but sustainable, aligning closely with each client's long-term vision and operational realities.

Our Experience

The depth of our experience, spanning  two decades, is reflected in our expansive portfolio of 500+ successful projects with organizations covering an array of industries and specialist areas,  including blue chip multinational companies and government agencies.

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The Proven Way

What We Do

for organizations

Proven Force Indonesia focuses on optimizing organizational dynamics across several key areas. Our expertise lies in developing people, processes, and systems, along with integrating robust digital capabilities. We tackle operational challenges including but not limited to uncontrolled overtime hours, late deliveries, underutilization of equipment, frequent equipment downtime, high incidences of product rejects, inventory surplus, and need for rework.


Our approach is designed to minimize operational costs and streamline business processes, ensuring that the quality and quantity of inputs are optimized, helping organizations improve:

  • Productivity

  • Bottomline

  • Customer satisfaction 

The Proven Way: People, Process, and System diagram in blue accents
Proven Force Indonesia General 3-Step Process vertical diagram

How We Do

what we do

The foundation in every project is assured by our three-phase process. We initiate our partnership with an analysis phase, lasting up to three weeks. This period is dedicated to identifying opportunities for improvement and customizing our program to align with the specific needs of each organization. The objective is to map out a strategic path to improvement with a defined, measurable return on investment of 100%-250%, as guaranteed in our contracts.


The subsequent implementation phase, typically spanning 24 to 52 weeks, is where our program comes to life. Throughout this phase, we maintain a transparent and collaborative dialogue, ensuring that the strategies are executed with precision and are fully integrated into the organization's operations.

Our commitment extends beyond the immediate project with a focus on perpetuation. This final phase is about embedding a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring that the benefits realized are not just momentary gains but sustained growth and efficiency. 


our expertise

With our background in productivity consulting, specializing in people, area, and system development, our expertise has naturally extended to encompass workforce management and development. We currently manage 3000+ workers through our outsourcing, recruitment, and talent assessment solutions under PFI Manpower, which align organizations' workforce with strategic objectives, ensuring that every worker fits and excels in their role. 


Under PFI Training & Development, we nurture and expand both technical and non-technical capabilities of individuals from top management to staff-level positions, fostering environments where continuous learning and professional growth are not just encouraged but ingrained. 

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