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Our Leaders

Meet the people
behind PFI

The strength of Proven Force Indonesia is anchored in the collective expertise and vision of our executive team. Our diverse backgrounds, innovative thinking, and commitment to excellence shape the direction of our company.


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Founder & Chairman

Jimmy is a corporate leader, investor, social entrepreneur, educator, writer, and corporate advisor with more than 30 years of experience in Southeast Asia and United States. Over the course of his career, Jimmy has led and assisted numerous corporations (private and state-owned), organizations, institutions, and government agencies improve strategically and operationally to turnaround and boost growth. 

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - Ongoing Candidate

Universitas Indonesia

Master of Public Administration 

Harvard University

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

San Fransisco State University

Bachelor of Management (Transferred to SFSU)

Universitas Padjajaran

Jimmy Muhamad Rifai Gani portrait in black and white


Youngest CEO in the history of Indonesia State-Owned Enterprises

Museum Rekor Indonesia

Roesfini Damajanti_edited.jpg


President Director

Iin is an executive who has been at the helm of PFI as President Director since 2019. With a

background in finance and banking, she brings a wealth of experience to her dual role as Director of Corporate Services. Under her leadership, the finance & accounting, GA & Legal, and Human Resource divisions have flourished, reflecting her commitment to operational excellence and corporate governance. Iin's vision and financial acumen have been crucial in steering PFI through growth trajectories, all while fostering a culture of transparency, accountability, and development within the organization.


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Senior Advisor

Nadjib is a former diplomat and ambassador who currently holds several key positions as head, leader, and senior advisor in various corporations, organizations and institutions. Nadjib has been the Indonesian Ambassador to Australia, Vanuatu, the European Union, Belgium, and Luxembourg with multiple awards and recognitions from local and national governments in Europe and Asia. 

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Master of Science in Social Psychology

Universitas Padjajaran

Bachelor of Psychology
Universitas Padjajaran



Ambassador Nadjib Riphat Koesoma portrait in black and white

Chevalier d'honorarium (knight)

Haute Confrerie Royal du Noble Corcieli of the city of Oostende

Chevalier d’Honor Blanc Moussi, Stavelot

Haute Order de Mannekin Pis

The Order of St. Gregory the Great II

The Holy See by Pope John Paul II


Director of Training

Dr Ervin is a scholar, corporate trainer, educator, and senior consultant. Prior to joining PFI, Ervin worked for over a decade in major national-private and foreign banks in marketing and business development. In the last 15 years, following his career in banking, Ervin has helped hundreds of corporations and thousands of individuals across Indonesia improve through our consultancy and training & development projects. 

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Doctorate Degree in Management Education

Universitas Negeri Jakarta

Master of International Management

Institut Bisnis Nusantara

Bachelor of Marketing Management

Universitas Jayabaya

Ervin Priambodo portrait in black and white


Menjadi Mudah Dengan Manajemen


Rise To The Challenge


Winning With Passion


Menjadi Guru yang Berprestasi


Baihaki Fauzi portrait in black and white


Director of Consulting

Baihaki is a consultant executive that started a career in a chemical manufacturing company, where he rapidly ascended to operational leadership roles by leveraging his technical acumen and passion for productivity improvement. At PFI, Baihaki's trajectory from a Productivity Specialist to the Director of Consulting epitomizes his commitment to operational excellence and growth. His leadership guides PFI's consultancy projects, ensuring they exceed the strategic objectives and operational benchmarks set by our clientele in the area of operations and human resources.

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Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
Universitas Gadjah Mada


Director of Manpower

Rommy is an executive with a keen insight into workforce management. His expertise in aligning manpower strategies with corporate objectives has been instrumental in driving the success of PFI Manpower, growing from approximately 2000 to 3000 consolidated workers within a two-year period. His approach, grounded in a deep understanding of the labor market and talent management, enables him to forge robust workforce solutions that cater to the needs of our clients. Rommy's leadership is defined by his ability to empathize with each individual within our workforce, anticipate industry trends, and adapt strategies that ensure our clients stay ahead in a competitive landscape.


Bachelor of Business Administration
IPMI International Business School

Bachelor of Management

Burgundy School of Business

Rommy Gani_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Director of Marketing & Business Development

Aca is an executive spearheading the ongoing rebranding efforts of PFI. With a focus on integrating contemporary marketing techniques and brand development, Aca orchestrates marketing activities, particularly in the realm of digital marketing, that resonate with our diverse clientele. With an understanding of market trends and consumer behaviors, Aca's approach blends creativity with data-driven strategies to elevate brand presence and foster engaging experiences with clients.


Bachelor of Economics

Universitas Indonesia

Bachelor of Management 

University of Queensland

Muhamad Fasya Gani (Aca) portrait in black and white
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