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Transforming the Managerial Line at Evonik Through a Mini MBA Training Journey

Evonik Indonesia partnered with PFI Training & Development for a tailored 'Mini MBA' program to enhance their managerial team's expertise. The program, consisting of foundational management principles and advanced strategic planning, successfully honed the team's decision-making skills through interactive, real-world scenarios, affirming Evonik's commitment to ongoing leadership excellence.



Evonik Indonesia, part of the multinational industrial corporation Evonik Industries, has been active for over two decades, operating an office in Jakarta and production sites in East Bekasi and Cikarang. As a pioneer in manufacturing premium raw materials, additives, and supplies for the cosmetics and household care industries, Evonik Indonesia is continually advancing its Halal-certified product range, signaling its commitment to quality and sustainability. Furthermore, Evonik oversees a hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) production site in Cikarang, producing an environmentally friendly bleaching and oxidizing agent widely used in the paper, textile, mining, and food industries.

Amidst a competitive business landscape, coupled with a leadership transition from a long-standing CEO to a new one, Evonik Indonesia identified a critical need to enhance its managerial expertise. Recognizing that comprehensive business knowledge and strategic acumen are indispensable in navigating such transitions effectively, the company sought to empower its management team through specialized training programs.

Understanding Evonik Indonesia's unique requirements and the challenges it faced, PFI Training & Development was enlisted to design and deliver a training solution tailored to bolster the managerial and strategic capabilities of its team. Adopting a "Mini MBA" approach, the training was structured to provide an immersive educational experience, focusing on core management principles and strategic decision-making. This initiative was aimed at equipping Evonik Indonesia's managers with the knowledge and skills necessary to steer the company through its transitional phase and beyond, ensuring continued growth and leadership in its sector.


The execution of the tailored training program for Evonik Indonesia, developed by PFI Training & Development, was planned to align with the company's strategic objectives and address the specific needs of its management team. The "Mini MBA" styled training was divided into two intensive sessions, focusing on the fundamental principles of management and strategic management, and was designed to offer a comprehensive learning experience that bridged theoretical knowledge with practical application.

First Meeting: Introduction to Management
This session, led by Jimmy Gani, founder and chairman of PFI, was structured around the foundational concepts of management. The content was carefully curated to blend management theories with practical insights, ensuring participants could relate the learning to their work environment. Engaging exercises and discussions were incorporated to stimulate critical thinking and to foster a conceptual understanding of effective management practices.

Second Meeting: Strategic Management
Building on the initial session, the second meeting delved deeper into the intricacies of strategic management. Again facilitated by Jimmy Gani, this part of the program was designed to prepare participants to confront and navigate strategic challenges, enhancing their decision-making skills within their specific work scopes. The session employed case studies, practical assignments, and scenario discussions to reinforce the application of strategic concepts in real-world settings.

The training was conducted using PFI's proven learning approach, characterized by its interactive nature. Participants engaged in a variety of activities, including case studies, simulations, group discussions, and quizzes, all aimed at ensuring the assimilation of new knowledge and its application in daily work routines. This approach facilitated the exchange of knowledge and ideas among participants as well as reinforcing the importance of strategic decision-making in managerial roles.

Continuous feedback was sought from the participants throughout the execution of the training to tailor the sessions more closely to their needs and to ensure the program's objectives were being met. This feedback mechanism allowed for the adjustment of the training content, making the learning experience as relevant and impactful as possible for Evonik Indonesia's management team.

By carefully executing this program, PFI Training & Development succeeded in providing a highly engaging and educational experience, directly contributing to the enhancement of managerial competencies within Evonik Indonesia. This initiative marked a significant step in the company's commitment to fostering a culture of continuous professional development and strategic leadership.


6 Months


The training program succeeded in bolstering Evonik Indonesia's management team's understanding of management concepts and business strategy applications. With a curriculum tailored to the company's specific needs, training participants developed the practical skills necessary to navigate the complex and evolving business challenges.

Positive feedback from participants underscored the program's effectiveness in enhancing managerial capabilities and preparing the team for more innovative and future-oriented strategic leadership. This training also marked the beginning of Evonik Indonesia's ongoing commitment to continuous professional development, reflecting their confidence in PFI Training & Development's approach and the quality of learning provided.

The "Mini MBA" training program conducted for Evonik Indonesia achieved significant outcomes, reflecting a tangible enhancement in the managerial expertise and strategic capabilities of the company's management team. This initiative successfully delivered on its promise to foster a deeper understanding of management principles and strategic decision-making.

Enhanced Managerial Competencies: Participants gain a comprehensive improvement in their understanding of management fundamentals and strategic management. This was evident in their ability to apply these concepts to their daily responsibilities, leading to more effective and efficient management practices within Evonik Indonesia.

Strategic Thinking and Decision-Making: The training notably bolstered the participants' strategic thinking abilities, equipping them to better anticipate, navigate, and respond to the complexities of the global business landscape. The practical assignments and scenario discussions facilitated during the training played a critical role in this development, encouraging a forward-thinking approach to business challenges.

Increased Confidence in Leadership Roles: particularly in strategic planning and decision-making. This newfound confidence is expected to drive innovative solutions and contribute positively to Evonik Indonesia's growth and sustainability.

Positive Feedback and Engagement: The interactive nature of the training, combined with the relevance of the content to the participants' roles and challenges, generated positive feedback and high levels of engagement. This enthusiasm reflects the program's effectiveness in meeting the participants' needs and the company's strategic objectives.

All in all, the "Mini MBA" training program has laid a solid foundation for continuous improvement and strategic excellence within Evonik Indonesia. The skills and insights gained through this initiative are poised to drive meaningful change, ensuring the management team is well-prepared to lead the company towards a smooth transition and future growth in an increasingly complex and competitive environment.

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