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Shaping the Future of Trade for Indonesia: A Strategic Plan for 2025-2029

Proven Force Indonesia aided Indonesia's Ministry of Trade in developing strategic plans for the Trade Paradigm and Logistics & Marketing for 2025-2029. Through in-depth studies and strategic insights, PFI crafted roadmaps to elevate trade policies and logistics, shaping the future of Indonesia's trade sector and demonstrating PFI's expertise in policy development and strategic planning.



The Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia (Kementerian Perdagangan Republik Indonesia) is a pivotal governmental body responsible for shaping the nation’s trade policies and strategies. As Indonesia navigates an increasingly complex global economic landscape, the Ministry plays a crucial role in developing forward-thinking trade paradigms and logistics strategies to bolster the country’s economic growth and international trade relations.


Proven Force Indonesia was entrusted with a critical task to assist the Ministry in the creation of the Strategic Plan (Rencana Strategis or Renstra) for the Trade Paradigm 2025-2029 and the Strategic Plan for Logistics and Trade Marketing 2025-2029. Our role was to provide comprehensive background studies that would form the basis of these strategic plans, crucial for Indonesia's trade future.

Our approach involved in-depth research, analysis of current and future trade trends, and consultations with various stakeholders in the trade sector. We examined key aspects of Indonesia’s trade ecosystem, identifying opportunities and challenges that could shape the nation’s trade policies in the coming years.


3 Months


The collaboration yielded two strategic documents:
- Background Study for Trade Paradigm Strategic Plan 2025-2029: This study provided a detailed roadmap for developing trade policies that are adaptive, competitive, and in tune with global trade dynamics.
- Background Study for Logistics and Trade Marketing Strategic Plan 2025-2029: This report laid out strategies for enhancing Indonesia’s trade logistics and marketing, focusing on efficiency, innovation, and market expansion.

These strategic plans are set to guide Indonesia’s Ministry of Trade in formulating policies that will drive the country’s trade sector towards significant growth and sustainable development. Our partnership with the Ministry underlines Proven Force Indonesia's expertise in strategic planning and policy development, contributing to the nation's economic advancement in the global trade arena.

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