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Building Negotiation and Smart Working Skills with Rising Pertamina Personnel

As a part of its skill enhancement initiative dubbed "Pertamina Learning Fest", Pertamina, Indonesia's state-owned energy titan partnered with PFI Training & Development, focusing on elevating their workforce's negotiation and smart working abilities. The custom two-day program, conducted off-site, was facilitated by experts from PFI, employing practical, interactive methods to instill these critical skills. The program yielded exemplary feedback, with exceptional participant satisfaction and reported increases in confidence and operational efficacy.



Pertamina, Indonesia's national integrated energy company, has been at the forefront of the energy sector for over six decades, driving innovations in energy exploration and production to cater to both domestic and international demand. As a key player committed to the global initiative of reducing global warming and promoting a sustainable energy transition, Pertamina recognizes the pivotal role of human resource development in achieving business success and sustaining its competitive edge in the global industry.

In alignment with this recognition, Pertamina initiated the "Pertamina Learning Fest," a comprehensive employee skill development program. This initiative underscores Pertamina's focus on equipping its workforce with advanced skills and knowledge to navigate the complexities of the energy market efficiently. A significant aspect of this endeavor is enhancing negotiation abilities and integrating smart working principles among employees—two critical competencies identified to bolster Pertamina's position in the industry.

Proven Force Indonesia (PFI) was selected to contribute to this initiative, trusted to deliver a specialized training program aimed at nurturing these essential skills. The collaboration sought to introduce new perspectives and methodologies in learning, emphasizing practical insights into negotiation tactics and the principles of smart working. The decision to host a two-day intensive off-site training at Solo Technopark was a strategic move by Pertamina to foster an immersive learning environment conducive to deep focus and engagement.

The ongoing training program, which began in December 2023 and continues to date, reflects Pertamina's commitment to continuous human resource development. With weekly sessions spanning two days each, the program has engaged approximately 500 Pertamina employees across 10 batches, marking a significant stride in empowering the workforce with the tools necessary for personal and organizational growth.


The execution of the "Pertamina Learning Fest" program, in partnership with Proven Force Indonesia (PFI), was planned and implemented to maximize the development of negotiation skills and smart working principles among Pertamina employees. Held at Solo Technopark, the program's setting away from the usual workplace environment was chosen to enhance focus and facilitate an immersive learning experience.

Each week, the training welcomed a new batch of around 50 Pertamina employees, ensuring a personalized and interactive environment conducive to effective learning. Since its inception in December 2023, the program has consistently run two-day intensive sessions every week.

Day One focused on negotiation skills, led by Jimmy Gani, founder and chairman of PFI. Gani leveraged his extensive experience and knowledge to deliver a session that combined theoretical foundations with practical applications. Utilizing real-world case studies, negotiation simulations, and group discussions, the training aimed to bolster the participants' negotiation strategies and skills. This hands-on approach enabled attendees to explore various negotiation tactics and apply them in simulated scenarios, thereby enhancing their competence in this crucial area.

Day Two shifted focus to smart working principles, directed by Ervin Priambodo, Director of Training at PFI. The session emphasized time efficiency, the leverage of technology in the workplace, and effective work management strategies. Through interactive exercises, collaborative learning methods, and discussions, participants were encouraged to rethink their work processes and adopt innovative approaches to increase productivity and effectiveness.

Throughout the program, PFI employed its signature learning approach, which includes a mix of interactive exercises, case studies, simulations, discussions, and quizzes. This methodology ensured that the learning was not only engaging but also deeply ingrained, enabling participants to not only acquire new knowledge but also to seamlessly integrate these insights into their daily work routines.

Continuous feedback from participants was solicited to fine-tune the program, ensuring that it remained aligned with Pertamina’s objectives and the evolving needs of its workforce. This dynamic and responsive execution strategy underscores the program's success in achieving its goals, marking a significant milestone in Pertamina's journey towards enhancing its human capital capabilities.


3 Months (On-Going)


The "Pertamina Learning Fest," through its comprehensive training sessions, has yielded substantial outcomes that contribute significantly to Pertamina's ongoing efforts to foster a culture of continuous learning and development. By focusing on enhancing negotiation skills and applying smart working principles, the program has equipped participants with essential competencies, aligning with Pertamina’s objectives to maintain its competitive edge in the energy sector.

- Enhanced Negotiation Skills: Participants have demonstrated marked improvements in their negotiation strategies and tactics, a direct result of the interactive and practical training led by Jimmy Gani. The incorporation of real-world case studies and simulations has enabled employees to better understand and apply effective negotiation techniques, crucial for navigating complex agreements and partnerships within the energy industry.

- Adoption of Smart Working Principles: Under the guidance of Ervin Priambodo, employees have embraced new methodologies for increasing productivity and efficiency. The focus on time management, leveraging technology, and optimizing work processes has inspired participants to implement smart working practices in their daily routines, contributing to improved operational efficiency across Pertamina.

- Empowerment of Pertamina’s Workforce: The training has empowered participants with the knowledge and skills to contribute more effectively to their roles and to the company's broader goals. This empowerment is expected to have a ripple effect, enhancing teamwork, collaboration, and innovation within Pertamina.

- Cultivation of a Learning Culture: The success of the "Pertamina Learning Fest" has further entrenched a culture of learning and professional development within Pertamina. This cultural shift towards valuing continuous improvement and adaptability is key to navigating the challenges and seizing the opportunities in the rapidly evolving energy sector.

- Feedback for Continuous Improvement: The solicitation of continuous feedback from participants has not only ensured the alignment of the training with Pertamina's strategic needs but also highlighted areas for future enhancement. This feedback loop is vital for refining the program and ensuring its relevance and effectiveness in meeting the changing needs of Pertamina's workforce.

- Alignment with Organizational Goals: The outcomes of the training program are closely aligned with Pertamina's strategic goals of innovation, sustainability, and global competitiveness. By investing in human capital development, Pertamina is better positioned to achieve its mission and contribute to a sustainable energy future.

The "Pertamina Learning Fest" has achieved its objectives of enhancing negotiation skills and smart working principles among Pertamina employees, marking a significant step forward in the company's commitment to excellence and leadership in the energy market. The program’s success lays a solid foundation for ongoing and future initiatives aimed at sustaining Pertamina’s leadership through skilled and adaptable human capital.

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