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Transforming Temprint into a Profitable Venture

Temprint, a Tempo Group subsidiary, navigated out of financial difficulty and into profitability through a strategic partnership with PFI Consulting. Focused interventions in management training, operational efficiency, and improved coordination led to significant material savings and a positive cultural shift within the company. This turnaround is a testament to the effective implementation of PFI's expertise in driving substantial organizational improvements.



Temprint, part of the Tempo Group, serves as the dedicated printing powerhouse for the conglomerate's diverse range of publications. Despite its critical role in media support, printing was not the focal point of the group's core competencies. This, coupled with the mounting pressures of an increasingly competitive landscape, led Temprint into a recurring pattern of financial losses. The challenge was not only to stem these losses but to transform operations into a profitable and efficient model.


The strategy to revitalize Temprint involved a multi-faceted approach:
The initial phase involved a rigorous analysis to unearth the underlying causes of inefficiency and financial drain. The assessment revealed:
- Supervisory Gaps: A number of supervisors, while being adept as skilled operators, lacked the requisite managerial skills to lead effectively.
- Operational Bottlenecks: A consistent loss in raw material utilization pointed to systemic operational inefficiencies.
- Management Systems: The current management controls were insufficient, yet they presented opportunities for substantial improvements.

Armed with this insight, PFI Consulting deployed a tailored action plan:
- Management Refocus: Strategies were implemented to pivot management focus towards results and proactive measures, aiming to preempt further financial losses.
- Enhanced Coordination: Tools for better communication, efficient meetings, and enhanced reporting were introduced to strengthen interdepartmental coordination.
- Skill Enhancement: A targeted training program was rolled out for managers and supervisors, aimed at fostering strong leadership and effective management at the ground level.


6 Months


The implementation bore fruit within a short span:
- Financial Reversal: A remarkable financial turnaround was observed as Temprint went from consistent losses to a profitable operation within a four-month period.
- Material Savings: Notable reductions in material losses were recorded—paper waste dropped by 3%, plate wastage by 2%, and ink consumption was cut by 10%.
- Cultural Shift: Beyond the tangible financial and operational improvements, there was a discernible positive change in the company culture. Management and supervisors displayed enhanced mindsets and behaviors, indicative of a team that was now more agile, engaged, and solutions-oriented.

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