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APINDO's "Seribu Pengusaha Mengajar" Initiative Launched

Updated: Feb 29

A group of APINDO members and distinguished guests celebrating the launch of "Seribu Pengusaha Mengajar" initiative at the association's 72nd anniversary event. Photo Credit:

In a landmark initiative to mark its 72nd anniversary, the Indonesian Employers Association (APINDO) has unveiled "Seribu Pengusaha Mengajar" (A Thousand Entrepreneurs Teach), a pioneering movement that reaffirms the business community's commitment to education in Indonesia. This innovative program seeks to bridge the gap between the industry's needs and human resource development, preparing the young generation not only to be competitive but also adaptable to evolving global trends.

During the celebrations, Jimmy Gani (Founder & Chairman of PFI and Vice Head of APINDO's Education Division) moderated a talk show featuring influential figures such as Hilmi Panigoro (CEO of Medco Energi), Arini Subianto (Commissioner of Adaro Energy and Head of APINDO's Education Division), Cinta Laura (entertainer and sociopreneur), and Shinta W Kamdani (CEO of Sintesa Group and Chairwoman of APINDO). The discussion revolved around the crucial role and contributions of the business sector in accelerating education as a strategic foundation for the nation's progress.

The event was graced by the presence of key government officials, including the Minister of Manpower, the Minister of Trade (represented by a deputy), and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, along with entrepreneurs and APINDO members from both the national and provincial levels. This gathering symbolized a collaborative effort among the government, industry, and society to advance Indonesia's educational landscape.

"Seribu Pengusaha Mengajar" aims to enlist 1,000 entrepreneurs to serve as mentors, nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs. The initiative will encompass a range of activities focused on developing both soft and technical skills, including internship programs for teachers, lecturers, and students across Indonesia. Through these efforts, APINDO hopes to inspire more Indonesian entrepreneurs to contribute to the development of high-quality human resources, preparing the nation to meet future challenges and opportunities, in line with the vision of "Indonesia Emas 2045."

As this movement unfolds, "Seribu Pengusaha Mengajar" promises to become a long-term movement in Indonesia's journey towards educational excellence and economic prosperity, fostering a generation of young leaders who are ready to lead Indonesia towards a golden era.


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