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Navigating Future Investments with Jimmy Gani at Intipesan C-Suite Summit 2024

Updated: Mar 19

Jimmy Gani presenting to executives and general managers from across industries about "Reinvesting In Business: Challenges & Opportunities In 2024-2025," in JW Marriot Jakarta conference room (5/3/2024). Photo Credit: Intipesan Documentation Team

In a gathering of industry leaders, the 1st Indonesia C–Suite Summit was held by Intipesan, spotlighting the theme "Strategy to Manage Company Amidst Changing Times". Held on March 5-6, 2024, at the JW Marriott Mega Kuningan Jakarta, this two-day conference brought together a cadre of top executives and general managers to address the dynamic shifts within the contemporary business milieu.

The conference featured a series of eight sessions, delving into topics such as innovation, leadership, and operational excellence. Prominent speakers from diverse sectors shared their insights, offering a wealth of knowledge on navigating the business environment, particularly in Indonesia.

On Day 1, the final session of the summit titled "Reinvesting Business: Challenges & Opportunities in 2024-2025" was led by Jimmy Gani, Founder and Chairman of Proven Force Indonesia. Jimmy provided a deep dive into the government policies on investment for 2024 and forecasted trends for 2025, discussing emerging business opportunities and various financing models, as well as projecting business trends for the years ahead.

As part of the dialogue on future business models, Jimmy's expertise lent a vital perspective on how businesses can adapt and thrive during times of change, especially with the constant and rapid innovation in the technology sector such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and so on.

The "C–Suite Summit" served as a platform for dialogue among C-suite leaders, fostering a community keen on mastering the art of business in an era marked by swift technological advancements and competitive market conditions.

For more insights and takeaways from the summit, keep an eye on the updates and expert discussions on Intipesan's website and social media.

Source: Intipesan


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